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Stanley Cup Winner 2020/21



Stanley Cup Winner 2020/21

Colorado Avalanche 8.25

Vegas Golden Knights 8.50

Tampa Bay Lightning 9.50

Boston Bruins 13.00

Toronto Maple Leafs 17.00

Philadelphia Flyers 17.00

Pittsburgh Penguins 18.00

Washington Capitals 18.00

St. Louis Blues 19.00

Dallas Stars 20.00

Carolina Hurricanes 22.00

Edmonton Oilers 22.00

New York Rangers 24.00

New York Islanders 25.00

Nashville Predators 27.00

Vancouver Canucks 28.00

Calgary Flames 30.00

Winnipeg Jets 33.00

Florida Panthers 37.00

Montreal Canadiens 40.00

Columbus Blue Jackets 40.00

San Jose Sharks 50.00

Arizona Coyotes 50.00

Chicago Blackhawks 50.00

Buffalo Sabres 55.00

Minnesota Wild 55.00

New Jersey Devils 60.00

Anaheim Ducks 70.00

Los Angeles Kings 70.00

Ottawa Senators 110.00

Detroit Red Wings 180.00



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NHLThe North American NHL (National Hockey League) is the toughest ice hockey league in the world. It is one of the four most popular sports leagues in the US and guarantees the best ice hockey clashes all over the world! 31 Teams fight in the regular season to get to the playoffs and eventually for the legendary Stanley Cup. Seven Canadian and 24 American teams are among them. Record holding champions are Montreal Canadiens with 24 titles.

St. Louis Blues, featuring playoffs-MVP Ryan O’Reilly went on to defeat Boston Bruins and lifted their first ever Stanley Cup. The runner-ups from Boston, as well as the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Vegas Golden Knights are willing to dethrone them this year. Who can succeed in the playoffs and close in on the title? Place your bets on your favorites at Interwetten!

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